Welcome to the Bowman Primary School Counselor's Office

Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Jones

School Counselor: Melissa Jones, M.S. in School Counseling

Mrs. Jones’s goal is to help students succeed in the areas of academics, social/personal development and career awareness by working with them one-on-one, in groups and in the classroom setting. Mrs. Jones views her role as a partnership with teachers, staff and parents. She believes educators can serve students best when we work as a team.  

Mrs. Jones has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Lee University in Psychology. She also earned her Master’s of Science in School Counseling from Lee University. Mrs. Jones is a Lebanon High School graduate.

 What does the School Counselor do at Bowman Primary? 

The School Counselor is here to help students with:

  • Building social skills

  • Setting goals and decision making

  • Feeling good about one’s self 

  • Managing feelings (stress, worry, anger, etc.) 

  • Dealing with family issues

  • Bullying and conflict resolution 

 Services Provided: 

  • Classroom Presentations- Friendship/Bullying, Coping Skills, Safety Talks  

  • Group Counseling (divorce, social skills, self-esteem, etc.) 

  • Brief Solution-Focused Counseling 

*Please note school counselors do not provide therapy.

  • Parent Consultations 
  • School-based Therapy and Community Resource Referrals 

*Referrals for school-based therapy and outside counseling services are available for children experiencing grief, divorce, family separation, deployment, or mental health concerns.  Please contact Mrs. Jones for more information regarding available community resources.

 Career Awareness:

Community Readers 

Art Models

Vehicle Day

Chairperson of the CARE Team which manages:

Bowman Buddies

Special Outreach

Teen Tutors from LHS

Neediest Kids of All

Whiz Kids

Volunteer Breakfast

Mrs. Jones serves on the RTI(Response to Intervention) team.  She is also the Section 504 Plan Coordinator.

How does my child see the School Counselor?

Self Referral

Teacher Referral

Parent Referral

Principal Referral

If you have questions about the counseling program at Bowman Primary School, please call Melissa Jones, 513-934-5808, or email her at jones.melissa@lebabnonschools.org.