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Technology Integration

Technology integration in education creates opportunities for students to shift from being passive consumers of information and technology to citizens in a global community where they are creators and collaborators. To support teachers in this rapidly evolving landscape of technology in education, Lebanon City Schools has created the position of Integration Specialist. The Integration Specialist researches and validates current technology trends, provides training and support for teachers and students, and promotes innovation through programming and learning experiences.

For Teachers:

Technology should be used to enhance and improve educational experiences. There is no value in simply replacing a paper and pencil task with a technology based task; the pedagogy must also change. Adding technology should streamline a process and make it easier for you or your students to manage, allow for new levels of collaboration and engagement, or allow you to do something that was previously impossible without the technology. With that in mind, there are multiple ways to approach technology integration.

Tier One: Using your device and programs available to make life easier and more manageable.

Tier Two: Using your device and programs available to enhance the learner experience and allow opportunities for collaboration and creation.

Tier Three: Using your device and programs available to create learning opportunities that would be impossible without the use of technology.

Your Technology Integration Specialist, Melanie Zolnier, is here to coach you through one-on-one sessions, virtual training, co-planning and co-teaching. You can find training options and resources on the LCS PD Challenge website. To schedule time with Melanie, just complete this form for EdTech coaching!