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Proof of Residency

Listed below are the documents accepted for Proof of Residency.  The name of the parent/guardian who is registering the student or making the address change must be on the Proof of Residency.  In circumstances where a parent/guardian is not able to provide Proof of Residency, the person named on the document will need to accompany you to establish the Proof of Residency.  Call (513) 934-5762 with any questions. 

Acceptable Documents for Proof of Residency:

  • Apartment Lease (signed by tenant and landlord)

  • Rental Contract

  • Mortgage Statement

  • Settlement Statement

  • Deed

  • Warranty Deed or Property Tax Statement

  • Utility Bill (Water, Gas or Electric Only)

In addition to acceptable documents, parent/guardian must also bring a Driver’s License or Photo ID.