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Board of Education Meetings to be Live-Streamed via YouTube

Posted on: June 12, 2023
Board of Education Meetings will be live-streamed via YouTube beginning with the next meeting coming up Tuesday, June 20. The Intercommunity Cable Regulatory Commission (ICRC) of Southwest Ohio is a non-profit consortium of communities in the Greater Cincinnati area. The primary mission of ICRC is to produce and facilitate local cable television programming for its member communities. Earlier this year, the City of Lebanon entered into an agreement with ICRC to broadcast their council meetings and studio production videos.
As part of their agreement with the City of Lebanon, ICRC has partnered with us to broadcast our meetings and other content.
Beginning with the June 20 meeting, Board of Education meetings will be live-streamed by ICRC and broadcast to the district's YouTube Channel: meetings will be streamed live under the "LIVE" tab on the YouTube Channel, and videos will be archived on the channel.
ICRC will continue to produce the district's monthly video program called Onward Lebanon, and they will also broadcast several home high school athletic games, select performing arts events, and additional coverage of school-sponsored meetings and forums.
You can find Board of Education meeting dates and agendas on our website here: