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School Closing Alerts

Posted on: November 6, 2017

As winter weather approaches, it is time once again to communicate our plans for informing our stakeholders about snow delays and closings.

Like last year, if school is delayed or canceled, we will send a text message to all parents/students/staff members who have provided their cell phone number to us. We will not be sending a telephone call. If you prefer not to receive a text message or do not have cell phone access, you should use any of the other forms of communication that are used on these days, including our website, Facebook page, Twitter, radio, and TV. All major radio and TV stations in the Cincinnati and Dayton area are contacted, as well as local Channel 6.

To make sure that you receive your snow day text message:

Login to your ProgressBook account. 
Note: If you do not have a ProgressBook account, please contact your child’s school to obtain the Parent Access key.
On the left-hand side, click Student Contacts. Information for the Text Notification contact will display. 
To enter your text notification number(s), click Edit: 
In the “Phone” section, enter up to two phone numbers for text notifications. Do not add more than two numbers as they will not be utilized. Click Save.

Note: Please do not make changes to any other section. Changes made here will not affect your student’s primary contact information.

A lot of factors go into making the decision about keeping school open, delaying the start time, or closing for the day. Safety of our students and staff is a top priority. Those days typically begin at 4:00 am and we must make our decision by 5:30 am to make sure none of our buses are on the road. We have drivers that travel our roads. We are in communication with local law enforcement regarding road conditions. We are in touch with snow plow drivers who are treating our roads, and we are in communication with other local school districts. We also closely monitor the weather forecast for our area. Our final consideration is whether our parking lots and sidewalks are safe for travel. Have a safe Winter!