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Directory Information Includes: Last Name, First Name, Position, Website, Email

Last Name.Contact Us, First NameContact Us
PositionGeneral Inbox for All Inquiries
Last NameAlvarez, First NameDavid
PositionAFJROTC Teacher
Last NameBanta, First NameTerah
PositionAccounts Payable
Last NameBayer, First NameRachel
PositionChildren's Hospital Therapist
Last NameBrennan, First NameChris
PositionEMIS Coordinator
Last NameBuchert, First NameJamie
Last NameBuskirk, First NameRobyn
PositionCurriculum Coach
Last NameButler, First NameScott
PositionBusiness & Operations Coordinator
Last NameCampbell, First NameSandy
Last NameCarter, First NameRichard
Last NameCenters, First NameJessica
PositionSuperintendent Secretary
Last NameChin, First NameSusan
Last NameClark, First NameJessica
PositionAccounts Payable
Last NameCoffey, First NameTammy
PositionStudent Services Secretary
Last NameCombs, First NameAmy
PositionParent Mentor
Last NameCrooks, First NameCassidy
PositionPayroll Specialist
Last NameDalton, First NameBrian
PositionHuman Resources Director
Last NameDaniel, First NameEarl
Last NameDurflinger, First NameScott
PositionDistrict IT Technician
Last NameErvin, First NameKaren
Last NameFeldmann, First NameKristi
PositionHuman Resources Secretary
Last NameFoley, First NameKrista
PositionDirector of Pupil Personnel/Student Services PK-6
Last NameFountain, First NameTeresa
Last NameFry, First NameDan
PositionSchool Resource Officer
Last NameFunke, First NameTracy
PositionSocial Worker
Last NameGausmann, First NameAnnale (Mary)
PositionSecretary to the Treasurer
Last NameGibson, First NameCherie
PositionDirector of Pupil Personnel/Student Services 7-12
Last NameGraler, First NameMark
PositionDirector of Curriculum and Instruction
Last NameGreene, First NameCasey
PositionTechnology Coordinator
Last NameGregg, First NameKim
PositionCurriculum and Instruction Secretary
Last NameJohnson, First NameDanielle
PositionJob Coach
Last NameJones, First NameBarbara
Last NameKing, First NameCaelan
PositionAthletics Operations Supervisor
Last NameMace, First NameKaci
Last NameMcGinty, First NameJulie
PositionProfessional Development Secretary
Last NameMcHale, First NameEryn
Last NameMichel, First NameJennifer
Last NameMurnahan, First NameJesse
PositionNetwork Administrator
Last NameMyers, First NameEmily
Last NamePage, First NameShalatta
Last NamePalmer, First NameLori
PositionCurriculum Coach
Last NamePayne, First NameLynn
PositionResource Coordinator
Last NamePlanicka, First NameWendy
PositionCommunications Coordinator
Last NamePriest, First NameKathleen
PositionCurriculum Coach
Last NameRobinson, First NameEve
Last NameRussell, First NameAli
PositionBuilding Sub
Last NameSchatzel, First NameJohn
Last NameSchrichten, First NameJake
PositionDistrict Technician
Last NameSecrist, First NameTaylor
PositionMaintenance Supervisor
Last NameSeevers, First NameIsaac
Last NameStarcher, First NameKristine
PositionSpecial Education Assistant
Last NameStrange, First NameSherrie
PositionFood Service and Maintenance Secretary
Last NameStrother, First NameKayla
PositionAthletic Trainer
Last NameTibbs, First NamePat
PositionFood Service Supervisor
Last NameTipton, First NamePatricia
PositionSpecial Services Secretary
Last NameVernon, First NameKassidy
Last NameWalker, First NameBradley
PositionAssistant Treasurer
Last NameWhitsel, First NameKarrie
PositionSpecial Education Facilitator
Last NameZolnier, First NameMelanie
PositionIntegration Specialist
Last NameZotter, First NameCheryl