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new student registration


Welcome to Lebanon City School Central Registration!

Please review the information provided to guide you through the enrollment process.

The Lebanon City School District enrolls students under strict guidelines established by Ohio Law – Ohio Revised Code and the Missing Child Act.  Please understand the necessity of the statutory requirements listed below.

Parent means either natural or adoptive parent, unless the parents are divorced, in which case parent means the parent who is the residential parent and legal custodian.

A non-parent/guardian enrolling a student must provide proof of custody assigned by a court, dated and signed by a judge or magistrate.  Only students residing in the school district with a parent/guardian as defined above are eligible for admission to the Lebanon City School District.


If you will be registering a new student (Grades K-12) for the 2023-2024 school year, please follow the registration steps below.


General Registration for the 2024-2025 school year will be open for new student enrollees (Grades 1-12) from May 1st-July 31st. The link to enroll will open on May 1st, with appointments to begin on May 6th.  It is essential for students to be enrolled by July 31st to help ensure proper student class placement, balance class sizes, help district planning, and aid in the creation of transportation routes.

Kindergarten Registration for the 2024-2025 school year will open on March 1st, with appointments to begin March 7th, 2024. Click here for more information.


*IMPORTANT! You MUST be the custodial parent/legal guardian to enroll a student*

If an appointment is made prior to the online enrollment forms being completed, it will automatically be deleted. These appointments take place at our District Office: 160 Miller Road Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Step 1.  Complete the online student enrollment forms 

Step 2.  Schedule an In-Person Appointment to present required documents listed below

Required Documents for Registration:

1. Child’s Original Birth Certificate

2. Parent/Guardian Driver’s License (Photo ID)

3. Proof of Residency

         a. If you own or rent a home provide one of the following:

                  Rental/Lease agreement

                  Mortgage/Settlement statement

                  Deed or Warranty Deed

                  Property Tax Statement

                  Utility Bill - Water, Gas or Electric Only

         b. If you reside with a family member/friend and your name is not on the lease:

The owner/renter of the home MUST accompany you at the time of your registration appointment with their ID, provide proof of residency (one of the documents listed above) and complete our Residency Affidavit II, which will be notarized by the registrar. 

4. Current Immunization Records

5. Proof of Custody/Guardianship, if applicable. A custody/shared parenting decree is required if parents are divorced.  This decree must be court-stamped, date-stamped and signed by a judge or magistrate.

6. ETR/IEP/WEP/504, if applicable

Contact the Registration department with any questions: (513) 934-5762


Registration is not complete until you finish BOTH steps listed above