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English Learners

Welcome to Lebanon City Schools! ¡Bienvenidos a las escuelas del distrito escolar de la ciudad de Lebanon! Bienvenue dans les écoles de la ville de Lebanon! 欢迎来到黎巴嫩城市学校!

Mission Statement

We provide high-quality instruction in the English language, as well as appropriate modifications and accommodations in the mainstream classroom, so that English Learners may develop the language skills necessary to successfully achieve academically and socially in the United States.

General Information

The district follows state and federal guidelines in screening, classifying, servicing, testing, monitoring, and exiting students whose primary or home language is a language other than English.

ODE’s Home Language Usage Survey is used to determine potential eligibility at enrollment.

Purpose of EL Program

EL services are designed to help English Learners attain English language proficiency as quickly as possible so that they can participate effectively in classrooms in which English is the language of instruction.  English Learners in the program will also learn to navigate the cultural and social expectations of the educational system in the United States of America. The goals of the EL program are:

  • To identify all students in the district whose home or native language is not English

  • To assess any potential EL student in listening, speaking, reading, and writing to determine the need for EL services to effectively participate in the district’s educational program

  • To provide effective instruction through EL services so that students are able to fully participate in the district’s educational program


The goals for each student receiving EL services, as put forth in the English Language Proficiency Standards, are included in their language plans and vary in depth and breadth according to their proficiency levels.

Each year EL students take the Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA).  

ESOL Specialists

Kathi McComb, ESOL Specialist at Bowman Primary

Beth McGarry, ESOL Specialist at Bowman Primary

Faith Elleman, ESOL Specialist at Donovan Elementary

Alfredo Umali, ESOL Specialist at Berry Intermediate and Lebanon Junior High

Jigisha Nayak, ESOL Specialist at Lebanon High School



To register your student at Lebanon City Schools, you will need to complete the online application and make a registration appointment for document verification. Click here for more details. 

For documents in other languages, please email

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