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College Credit Plus is Ohio’s dual enrollment program that provides students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking courses from Ohio colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to enhance students’ career readiness and post-secondary success, while providing a wide variety of options to college-ready students, at no or limited costs to students and families.

Please visit the OhioHigherEd website for answers to Frequently Asked Questions, as well as additional information for Students & Families.




Lebanon City School District provides opportunities for students to participate in the College Credit Plus program in three ways:

  1. Classes taken on a university or college campus

  2. Classes taken online through a university or college

  3. Classes taken at Lebanon High School

    • See Curriculum Guide for Dual Enrollment options



  1. High school students should submit the CCP Acknowledgement Form and Intent to Enroll Form online - due by APRIL 1. Students in grades 6-8 that are interested in participating in the CCP program should contact their counselor to schedule a meeting to discuss participation in the CCP program.

  2. Complete the university or college application by their designated due date. For more information and links to the university or college websites, please refer to the 2024-2025 Local College Credit Plus Information sheet.

  3. Take any required placement tests or ACT/SAT as defined by the university or college. The student is responsible for sending ACT/SAT scores to the university or college. Refer to the specific university or college CCP website for details.

  4. The LHS Guidance Department will send your transcript to the college(s) once you have applied and notify your counselor.

    • If the school you applied to requires an authorization form, make sure you turn that into your counselor.

  5. Once accepted, meet with your university or college advisor to select your classes.

  6. Provide a copy of your college schedule to your LHS School Counselor and meet with them to determine classes to be taken at LHS, if applicable.